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Wedding Terms and Conditions

Whether you are choosing our Lavender package or our Orchid package our dedication and passion for producing the best quality photographs for your wedding remains the same.

The main differences between each of the packages is the length of time we are covering your wedding day and also the level of presentation you require post-wedding day. We will also provide two photographers on the Rose and Orchid packages to make sure that we cover all angles and events as they happen on your day.

We like to keep things simple so the following are our terms and conditions for covering your wedding booking and wedding day photography. If you would like to have a more formal agreement then please click on the link below to view our more in-depth terms and conditions.

    * All payments must be paid in full and made no later than two weeks before the wedding date

    * In the unlikely event that we cannot attend your wedding (this has not happened in 30 years and we don’t expect it to happen, but unforeseen circumstances can happen) we will get a stand-in photographer of equal quality to attend. Otherwise a full refund will be given

    * We only insist that on the Rose and Orchid Packages that your album photographs are chosen no later than 3 weeks after the wedding date, after which we will choose the album photos

For those that would like a more formal agreement please click here.